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Opšta Bolnica Novi Sad

Health is everything. We can do anything.

We are NEW Hospital – a new and state-of-the-art general hospital in the region.
We are located in Novi Sad, at Alberta Ajnstajna Street No. 1.
We provide patients with a complete medical service, from diagnostics to surgical interventions towards cure, respecting all the requirements of the modern medical profession.
Together we can and do everything for your health.

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About us

NEW Hospital is general hospital equipped in the most modern way in region, which performs specialist-consultative and inpatient health care activities at the secondary level of health care.

We are located in Novi Sad, at the address Alberta Ajnstajna 1, in the immediate vicinity of the E-75 highway, which facilitates access for patients from Belgrade and other parts of the country and the region. Our team consists of hundreds of top medical experts and other medical staff from all fields of medicine every day, who can do everything for your health - from diagnosis to cure.
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New Hospital

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NEW Hospital

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Opšta Bolnica Novi Sad

Our team

New Hospital

The top professional medical team, absolutely dedicated to the patient and his treatment, as well as the most modern medical equipment in the region at the disposal of the NEW Hospital, are our greatest asset.

  • 74 doctors of medicine, specialists in all fields
  • 6 general practitioners
  • 20 nurses and technicians
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May 17, 2023 u 11:37

Avoid the Discomfort Associated with Stomach, Small Intestine, and Large Intestine Imaging – How Does the Endoscopic Capsule Work?

A demonstration of the latest endoscopic capsule was held in Serbia – A great advantage for patients. With the presence of representatives from JINSHAN, Mr. Leon XIAO and Mr.

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April 20, 2023 u 11:26

NEW Hospital has contracts with all local health insurance providers

Quality Healthcare for All Private Insurance Users NEW Hospital General Hospital is proud to announce that we have entered into contracts with all local health insurance providers. This partnership enables…

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June 2, 2022 u 18:54

AKCIJA! Pregled dermatologa + dermoskopija

Radujemo se suncu i dolasku leta, ali šta o tome misli naša koža? Koža pamti svaki kontakt sa sunčevim zracima, naročito ako ste svetle puti i imate rizične mladeže po…

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