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NEW Hospital has contracts with all local health insurance providers

Quality Healthcare for All Private Insurance Users

NEW Hospital General Hospital is proud to announce that we have entered into contracts with all local health insurance providers. This partnership enables users of private health insurance, whether individual or group-based through their company, access to the top-notch services provided by NEW Hospital.

If your insurance policy covers routine checkups, feel free to schedule them with us. Our professional team of doctors and medical staff is dedicated to your health and well-being, providing comprehensive examinations and treatments in a modern and comfortable environment.

Even if your policy does not cover certain services, don’t worry! All private health insurance users are entitled to a discount for individually paid services at our facility. Our goal is to provide all patients with accessible and quality healthcare.

For information on coverage and services available to you, call your private health insurance provider’s call center. Insist on scheduling examinations or treatments at our hospital to take advantage of all the benefits that NEW Hospital offers.

NEW Hospital is your reliable partner in healthcare. Together, we work towards improving your health and quality of life.


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