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CT enterography

CT enterography is a diagnostic procedure used for a detailed examination of the intestine, especially the small intestine. It is done with the help of advanced computed tomography (CT) technology, which enables detailed imaging of the inside of the body and visualization of organs and structures.

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Preparation for CT enterography is an important step that the patient should follow in order to ensure accurate and reliable examination results. The day before the examination, it is recommended to eat light food, while on the day of the examination you must not eat. The patient should take his regular therapy, and drinking water is allowed. The patient should come to the hospital 45 minutes before the appointment, with complete documentation and blood urea and creatinine results.

After admission, the patient will receive three glasses of contrast agent, which makes a total of about 1500 ml of Mannitol aqueous solution. This contrast agent is drunk at a pace determined by the x-ray technician, in the room in front of the CT booth. The examination itself is performed in the position of lying on the stomach and consists of a native and post-contrast phase of the examination.

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In the post-contrast phase, intravenous contrast is used to clearly visualize the organs and structures of the intestine. The total duration of the examination or recording is about 15 minutes. CT enterography is an important diagnostic tool that enables a detailed examination of the intestine, identification of pathologies and planning of appropriate treatment. With the careful preparation and expertise of the medical staff at NEW Hospital, patients can expect a high-quality and accurate examination.

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