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Avoid the Discomfort Associated with Stomach, Small Intestine, and Large Intestine Imaging – How Does the Endoscopic Capsule Work?

A demonstration of the latest endoscopic capsule was held in Serbia – A great advantage for patients.

With the presence of representatives from JINSHAN, Mr. Leon XIAO and Mr. Mark Wu, a demonstration of the use of the Colon Capsule (OMOM CC) took place at the NEW Hospital. The OMOM CC capsule is the most innovative in the world for these types of examinations, and we are proud to be the first in Serbia to offer the service of colon capsule imaging, using the latest technology known as Capsule Colonoscopy.

The use of the endoscopic capsule is used for imaging the stomach, small intestine, and large intestine.

Numerous benefits for patients.

The procedure is straightforward. After the preparation, which requires specific dietary restrictions 48 hours before the procedure (for stomach and small intestine examinations, preparation is 10 hours prior to the examination), the patient arrives at the NEW Hospital, where a recorder is placed around their waist (similar to a holter monitor, the size of a large mobile phone). The capsule is activated, brought close to the face for photography, ensuring the authenticity of the images. Then, the capsule is swallowed, and the fascinating imaging through the intestines begins, which can be viewed on the recorder at any time. Daily activities can be carried out normally; all you need to do is return the recorder after the capsule is eliminated.

The examination, or imaging, from the moment of capsule ingestion, lasts an average of 6-9 hours, with strict adherence to the patient preparation instructions provided by the NEW Hospital. During the imaging, the patient can freely move and perform daily routines while avoiding activities that require additional exertion.

OMOM CC capsule

OMOM Colon Capsule (OMOM CC) is the latest innovation from JINSHAN. With improved image quality, extended battery life, and advanced AI software technology, OMOM CC provides a high-quality non-invasive solution for visualizing the colon.

Easy result interpretation

With significant upgrades to the patient management center and reading screens, the new Vue Smart software provides healthcare professionals with a simpler interface and stress-free reading experience. Using advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence, after downloading the data from the recorder, the Vue Smart software processes the files, eliminates up to 90-95% of unnecessary content (repetitive images) from the recording, and highlights abnormalities, ensuring shorter interpretation time and emphasizing content that is crucial for further diagnosis by doctors and determination of appropriate therapy. This greatly facilitates result interpretation for our physicians and aids in diagnosis.

Take a look at how the presentation went and what the representatives from JINSHAN had to say to patients in Serbia and their impressions of the NEW Hospital:

If you need imaging of the stomach, small intestine, or large intestine, now is the opportunity to have the most advanced medical achievements at your disposal.

At this moment, NEW Hospital offers two types of services:

Colon examination with OMOM CC capsule and Stomach and Small Intestine Examination with OMOM HD capsule.

It is important to note that the endocapsule is the only way to diagnose conditions of the small intestine that cannot be determined with conventional methods (gastroscopy and colonoscopy).

Imaging is performed with the HD capsule, and the procedure is very similar, with significantly shorter preparation time – only 10 hours before the examination.

Schedule an appointment by calling the toll-free call center: 0800 400 505.

The exclusive distributor of OMOM CC and OMOM HD capsules, as well as other state-of-the-art medical products, is Paroco Medical Equipment Ltd.

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